Unlocking the Power of Data Science in Bio-medicine

EISBM is a leading data science organization empowering science and medicine through advanced data analysis, AI, and tailored solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and hospitals.

Our Services

Data Analysis

We employ cutting-edge methodologies to analyse your data comprehensively, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your research outcomes

Omics Data Analysis & Integration

We specialize in analysing and integrating diverse omics data to provide a global view of your research, driving breakthroughs in biomedical fields.

Machine Learning & AI

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to gain insights of your data, optimize your processes and uncover new opportunities.

Experimental Design

Our team assists in designing experiments that generate robust and reliable results, ensuring a solid foundation for your research.

Why Choose Us

Data Science Expertise

EISBM offers unmatched expertise in scientific and medical data analysis, ensuring groundbreaking discoveries.

Tailored Solutions

EISBM delivers custom solutions for you, fast-tracking data delivery and fostering agile communication.

Diverse Collaborative Team

Our team of computer scientists, biologists, and data experts ensures comprehensive understanding and clear communication of results.

AI-Driven Innovation

Harnessing AI and machine learning, EISBM drives innovation, empowering transformative advancements in biology, medicine and health.


As a leading data science organization based in France, EISBM is dedicated to advancing scientific and medical discoveries through state-of-the-art data analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence. With several years of experience, we specialize in multi-omics data integration, pipeline development, experimental design, and more.

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